When buying diamonds, they say that you have to look for the 4 Cā€™s — carat, colour, clarity & cut. I realized that when traveling, there are also 4 Cā€™s to consider — cash, credit card, connection (wi-fi) & courage (as per my aunt). It was all that I got the one week my baggage was missing and ’twas all I needed to survive— no-frills, minimalism at its finest.

Nobody would bother viewing an entire album of more than a 100 photos, unless they’re in it (lol), nor bother reading your (long monologue) story. But what the heck, I’m posting anyway and you can press like if you want (he he).

This album serves as a reminder that this trip has made me a little kinder, wiser, bolder and tamer (my temper not rising at all, surprisingly!). I wanted to see Barbra Streisand’s concert but in the end, got more than what I bargained for. It was a learning curve that I appreciate having in my life.

There is a reason why things don’t go your way and it usually is to develop your character and make you eat that humble pie. That you can break down in public but not cause a scene— that crying helps & praying protects.

Buy that ticket, book your hotel, enjoy your own company, fly away and make your dreams come true. See the world and travel as much as you can, get lost and find your way back in, or tread a new path.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” šŸ’‹šŸ’“